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Over 100 million developers of all levels, seniorities and experience are active on GitHub.

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Predictive Indicators

Derived from analysing millions of lines of code, looking at hundreds of differernt datapoints including popularity of repositories, types of comments, contributions, specific to each language.

Tech Stacks

Screen developers of all levels – senior, mid-level, and junior – across all programming tech stacks, frameworks and languages.

ATS Compatibility

API access, Zapier Integration, and ATS integration, making it easy to integrate GitScore with your existing systems.

Integrates with

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What are the key features?

A Comprehensive Overview of a Developer's Skillset

Seamless Data Synchronization

Sync candidate data, including their code analysis and GitHub profile statistics. This seamless data synchronization ensures that all relevant information is readily available and up-to-date within your ATS.

Automated Workflows and Triggers

Create custom, automated workflows. For example, you can set triggers to automatically notify your team when a candidate's GitScore reaches a specific threshold or when new code analysis results are available.

Enhanced Collaboration and Decision-Making:

By centralizing all candidate data, including code analysis and GitHub statistics, within your ATS, team members can easily access, discuss, and evaluate each candidate's technical skills.

Customizable and Scalable Solutions

Tailor the platform to your unique recruitment needs. Whether you require specific API access or need to connect GitScore with multiple tools, the platform can be customized to meet your requirements.


Language Breakdown

Each language activity is broken down and this feature delves deeper helping you uncover valuable insights that contribute to a comprehensive understanding of their skills and proficiency in context of the ecosystem's standards. The stars represent Predictive Indicators of the top 1%

Profile Statistics Highlights:

- Popularity of repositories

- Total Followers

- Type of Comments

Predictive Indicator Insights

All Predictive Indicators across all languages and charts are summarised here also with a further details on why these factors are Predictive Indicators of the 1% and which industry these Indicators are most relevant

Indicator Factors:

- Releveant Industries

- Relevance of each Indicator


Language Analysis

Language Distribution: GitScore calculates the percentage of code written in each language across the developer's repositories, providing an overview of their primary and secondary languages.

Language Experience: By analyzing the commit history, GitScore estimates the number of years the developer has been working with each programming language, providing a measure of their experience.

Code Analysis

GitScore's AI-driven code analysis focuses on evaluating code quality and security to ensure that the developers you hire are skilled in writing clean, maintainable, and secure code. Here's how the AI analyzes code quality and security:

Coding Standards: The AI checks if the code adheres to established coding standards and style guidelines for the specific programming language used.

Code Complexity: By measuring cyclomatic complexity and other complexity metrics, the AI can assess the code's maintainability and potential for bugs.

Modularity and Reusability: The AI assesses how well the code is organized into modular, reusable components.


People love using GitScore

Here are some nice things our users have said about the platform


Emma Johnson

Senior Techincal Recruiter

GitScore has transformed the way we screen and select developers for our projects. The in-depth analysis of code quality, language proficiency, and overall GitHub profile statistics have allowed us to make more informed decisions, saving both time and resources.


Tom Ward


As a non-technical founder, GitScore has been a game-changer in helping me understand the skills and expertise of potential developers. The platform's easy-to-understand dashboard views and comprehensive analysis have made it simple to find the right talent for our growing team.🔥


Julie Choo

I.T. Project Manager

GitScore's API access and integration capabilities have seamlessly connected with our existing Applicant Tracking System, greatly enhancing our recruiting workflow. The platform provides valuable insights into developers' skills, allowing us to efficiently identify and hire the best candidates for our projects.🚀


Got Questions?

GitScore's Dashboard views offer a comprehensive overview of a developer's GitHub profile statistics, CV statistics, and code analysis results. These insights allow recruiters and hiring managers to assess a candidate's overall proficiency and expertise in their respective fields.

Profile statistics like the number of repositories, total followers, and number of commits contribute to painting an overall picture of a developer's proficiency. These metrics offer valuable insights into a candidate's involvement in projects, their influence within the GitHub community, and their dedication to ongoing collaborations.

GitScore supports a wide range of programming languages and frameworks, including but not limited to JavaScript, Java, C++, HTML, CSS, TypeScript, ReactJS, NodeJS, Spring, Hibernate, MySQL, and MongoDB.